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Kurzweil and the Axis of Horganism

Ray Kurzweil, not Phil Anderson, should be my polar opposite on the Axis of Horganism. Kurzweil’s kooky, cartoonish vision of the future epitomizes the sort of hype that drove me to write The End of Science as a corrective. Kurzweil is the chief guru and proselytizer of the pseudo-scientific cult that I call cyber-evangelism. As I point out in my hatchet-job, I mean essay, “Brain Chips and Other Dreams of the Cyber-Evangelists,” “cyber-evangelism is best understood as an escapist, quasi-religious fantasy, which reflects an oddly dated, Jetsons-esque faith in scientific progress and its potential to cure all that ails us.” Like string and multiverse theories, cyber-evangelism lends support to postmodernists and religious fundamentalists who claim that science is just another belief system.

See how deftly I tie these threads together into an all-encompassing multi-level cosmic perspective? Horganism, not cyber-evangelism, is The Way to Truth and Salvation! (And I will impart my wisdom in person to corporations or deep-pocket government agencies for whatever Ray Kurzweil charges per hour, minus 25 percent, because, to be honest, his PowerPoint slides are cooler than mine.)



I remember seeing your lecture at Caltech for 'Rational Mysticism.' Not one friggin slide... Try minus 50%.

Mike Cook

I caught Frank Tipler a few years ago. How does he rank on the Horganism scale?

Andrei Kirilyuk

But if Horganism is a WAY (which can only be welcome), then it should be OPEN in its advancing, “anti-Kurzweil" direction and ensure progress to super-Horganism revealing a better kind of truth and level of understanding, together with its new (but qualitatively more “advanced”) problems and contradictions (see also my another comment at ).

nigel cook

John, making cool power slides is easy. Just smoke pot while you're assembling your presentation, and you'll be surprised to find you end up with exactly the sort of stuff Ray Kurzweil has developed!

John Horgan

Yes, I misspoke above. I said Kurzweil's slides are cooler than mine, when in fact I've never used slides at all. It's been on my to-do list for about 10 years. How can I compete with the likes of Kurzweil when I am such a primitive meme-propagator? style, not substance, is obviously the key to success.

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